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  1. About additional credits.
  2. Supported exclusive models and credits consumption.
  3. List of unsupported carriers. Read carefully before unlock any HTC.
  4. Where to buy credits. List of resellers and distributors.
  5. "an error occuped on request" when check seri to Sale!
  6. Small note to resellers. How to unlock phones with reseller`s card.
  7. To Romanian, Bulgarian and Ex-Yu users. Pls help us to get some IMEI`s.
  8. Credit consumption
  9. why you guys make it so HARD ?
  10. lg tool paid service code not found why u have to strat this service
  11. Credit Help!!!!!!!!!!
  12. htc one x wrong code
  13. HTC one X BH Telekom
  14. Problems to add 100lgtool credits to my user...
  15. LG A140 unsupported imei ?
  16. activation which I buy?
  17. htc desire x wrong code
  18. pleas help my wrong code
  19. Changes and news for LGtool paid services.
  20. How much is lgtool credit and where to buy without reseller [maybe with credit card]?
  21. You are no longer exclusive for LG E970, E971, and E973
  22. Reseller with Instant Transfer Needed.
  23. can over limt phone unlock with credit?
  24. HTC ADR 6350 Verizon Through Remote Services Unlock Possible?
  25. HTC Raidar say used paid but then say unsupported imei
  26. HTC One X - 10 Credit ?
  27. htc radar bad code
  28. desire x
  29. 352178050291812 UNLOCK=97398817 Incorrect。
  30. payed lg tool credits
  31. incorrect imei for lg
  32. help me please.. for unlock mb525.. for paid..
  33. HTC Desire x Wrong unlock code
  34. htc pg58110 wrong code (HTC Sensation z710e)
  35. setool help
  36. LG problem
  37. LGtool API !!!!
  38. Galexy
  39. I want to sell credits in my country.
  40. convertation
  41. bb9860 mep0 done
  42. Setool I need your help plz
  43. Help supporter blackberry 9810 imei repair not work for me
  44. help, 9930 dead after pin repair
  45. Blackberry PIN repair.
  46. blackberry 9930 imei repair and unlock test ok. [SUCCESS]
  47. Payed Credits ... But
  48. lg p506 help
  49. CREDITS LG, now price is 3 credits????
  50. cu720 unlock lgtool
  51. microSD Cable for LGTool available to buy now.
  52. Need Unlock HTC Desire C....
  53. LG support download problem
  54. possible to transfer credits to new card from old not working smart card!
  55. Blackberry 9900 after repair imei 004400152020000
  56. my tools alway are searching phone ? how to solve it ?
  57. htc code wrong
  58. 9810 credits chargued 2 times
  59. Wrong code HTC
  60. invalid server reply [SOLVED]
  61. HTC One X wrong code
  62. help me (team lg tool )i have sended a private pm to sir supporter
  63. Just bought LGTool Credits.. how do I know if my account was recharged?
  64. BlackBerry 9810 MEP 0 Unlocking Done!
  65. How to change cid and s-off Incredible S using microsd cable
  66. HTC ONE (M7) Unsupported IMEI
  67. Cant found micro SD disk error by LGE tool
  68. Htc One V unlock, i need an answer fast from the Mods or someone who knows!
  69. BB 9810 dead after change PIN
  70. 9900 pin change?
  71. HTC ONE (M7) doesn't allow SIM unlock code entering
  72. Paid Credits Consumption issue
  73. Transfer paid credits from one card to another
  74. Failed to reset mep0 on bb 9900 - cradit lost
  75. Problem repairing bb 9930 imei
  76. having Problem to connect BB9900 ( dor Direct Unlock )
  77. Help!! Recently bought Fushion Box with remote services activated, but have a problem
  78. I have a couple htc with one delivery - some one UNSUPPORTED IMEI
  79. invalid server
  80. 3 credits deducted from daily 10 credits for LG, is this normal?
  81. Sales account loging password reset
  82. Credits Deduct 2 times
  83. Wrong Code HTC ONE X
  84. credit deducted for blackberry imei repair, its not repaired
  85. Repair Imei and Pin error at 9930 credits consuption
  86. HTC MYTOUCH 4G TMOBILE unsupported imei?
  87. How ware
  88. No paid credits
  89. Paid service could not calculate code for HTC One M7
  90. HTC ONE Enter unlock code
  91. HTC One wrong code
  92. Reseller on card created need help sales login is not working
  93. help unlock with credits
  94. Moto xt389 HELP
  95. Credits and activation transfer Smart Card Damage
  96. HTC desire X unlock problem
  97. how to enter code for LG L-01E?
  98. HTC Explorer 6 Credits??
  99. lgetool team help me!!!! blackberry 9930 cant repair imei
  100. Where gone my credits ?
  101. convert SeTool 30 Credits to LgeTool 100 Credits.?
  102. trying to unlock htc but always saying1 record are in process
  103. HTC One V wrong code
  104. HTC ONE wrong code
  105. Problem with Sony Ericsson W150i
  106. blackberry 9900 imie repaired successfully (cant flash memory:00 0a)solved
  107. Hellp my old setool dead 100 paid credits with i by new transfor new setool credits
  108. setool team and credit lost
  109. Htc unlock said use paid credit then unsupported
  110. Paid remote services "SERVICE STOPPED" for next few hours
  111. Error to Unlock Samsung S5560 ! Please Help ! Urgent !
  112. i got "unsupported imei" on all LG orders i sent
  113. wrong model selected
  114. Paid Remote Services
  115. Can not access remote services
  116. can not Login "Got to support" and can not use "Remote services" , pls check
  117. After new version installation ( lgetoo 208 update to 218) showing error [Error:-1004
  118. not posible mep0 or repair 9900
  119. Blackberry 9900 MEP0 Done
  120. lg server no work
  121. not correct LG-2013: new unlock price is only 1 paid LGTool credit!
  122. help me support w100a
  123. Help BlackBerry RTAS Server Authorization...
  124. how to unlock samsung M919 using SGtool ?
  125. RJ45 and Uart port problem
  126. Where can i buy the Y-cable to unlock HTC One and HTC Butterfly?
  127. Wrong unlock code for htc ?
  128. why discount 4 free credits?
  129. 9800 unlock
  130. As LGtool server latency, cause I repeat two batches of orders submitted
  131. please help!!! box 00198814!!! urgent!!
  132. Blackberry 9300 MEP0 Fix is supported?? Any way to do this??
  133. BB 9930 debranding problem
  134. how to insert code LG 440G
  135. Htc unlock code wrong
  136. Ok my card shows as 6 digit serial, how to pay for credits cus it asks for 8 numbers?
  137. Htc one wrong code ?
  138. 5 In a Row - Unsupported - Again
  139. Wrong code HTC one x
  140. HTC Desire 200 Wrong Code
  141. bb 8520 mep zero-can i do ?
  142. data port: I/O error:How to refund 20 credits
  143. Unsupported Imei W150a
  144. Please help downloading firmware E612g
  145. Htc Said Unsupported but tried on paid and gave me a code
  146. Connecting 9930
  147. HTC codes unsupported but in other databases are yours out of date
  148. incorrect imei for lg
  149. can lgtool team provid API for dhru i want to add credit and activation
  150. daily download limit exceeded
  151. My Card is dead...I lost my paid credits?
  152. HTC Desire 500 unknown imei
  153. Next Year!
  154. Lg c900 no firmware available?
  155. htc nck code wrong
  156. htc nck code wrong claro peru incorrect code
  157. UNSUPPORTED IMEI htc Sensation
  158. htc unlock code incorrect
  159. help
  160. Motorola QQ6UVJ27B2 UNSUPPORTED MSN
  161. Unlock LG D805
  162. HTC One Paid Service UNKNOWN IMEI for HTC. Check IMEI or contact support please
  163. htc one x wrong code!
  164. BB9900 driver problem?
  165. HTC desire 500 wrong code
  166. 9930 debranding error
  167. Htc one Wrong code
  168. lgetool_230.exe is malicious, and Chrome has blocked it.
  169. Please, update HTC Database !!
  170. Paid Credits not showing in my account
  171. server problem
  172. blackberry 9320 new security unlokcing
  173. Phone is hardlocked
  174. can i buy credits direct from lgtool to cut the middleman and save
  175. cant use bbtools on lgtool
  176. wrong sn
  177. Api
  178. how to add bulk imeis
  179. Please LG Tool Team Active My Card
  180. Please LGtool Team
  181. Supported countires for HTC unlocks
  182. Can't download files from LGTOOL support
  183. hi lgetool team plz check your service
  184. W100 unsupported.
  185. LgTool VirtualMachine Detected
  186. W150 wrong codes
  187. wrong code
  188. alcatel 2040g
  189. No htc code(paid serivice) but 5 credits deducted, why? refund my credits pls
  190. htc desire 300 unlock suport??
  191. htc desire 300 unlock code incorect?
  192. Gpg setool box
  193. requesting for refund cradit ....
  194. about blackberry 0 mep repair
  195. Form Bad To Worst
  196. Why paid balance for free services?
  197. problem with fusion
  198. SGTool Problem!!
  199. my sim card is setool damage, broken my smart card, as I do to recover my activations
  200. HTC ONE X locked to 3 UK imei not supported
  201. htc desire 310 contact support unkown imei please add mr lazer
  202. LG c395 at&t this model has 17 digit imei. showing me wrong code
  203. LGL22 prompt enter the unlock code to unlock failed
  204. htc one m8 unlock
  205. No Blackberry in Menu
  206. Invalid Server Reply and license is not downloaded for Blackberry Services Activated
  207. Credits Consumption Error Trying to unlock Lg VS 980
  208. Problem with lgtool support
  209. ACTIVATE NOW site problem
  210. unknown imei
  211. Service temporarily unavailable. Please try later.
  212. history of credits added to my lgtool
  213. Double charge for HTC unlock code - paid credits
  214. MR lazer wrong codes every tme i use lgtool even when i read direclty
  215. HTC DESIRE 310 UNKNOWN IMEI for HTC. Check IMEI or contact support please
  216. Why motorola mb511 not in remote unlocking list?
  217. i9300 imei 004999010640000/01 can i fix it via SGTOOL ?
  218. Received bad code. Can help?
  219. htc credits charged twice exact same time stamp
  220. Problem with my card
  221. Htc One Mini 2 UNKNOWN IMEI for HTC. Check IMEI or contact support please.
  222. revoke credits
  223. My Card is Suddenly DEAD ...
  224. problem with credits take 15 credit for only one htc one x plz fix for me
  225. request failed
  226. credits buyed in unlockking not put in my account
  227. cant'download license for blackberry
  228. not responding
  229. y not open suppor after activate lg tool
  230. Sale Credits
  231. I cant use lgtool
  232. lg server off?
  233. Is lgtool dead?
  234. HTC Desire c unlock problem please check the sever
  235. 8 credits paid is very expensive for lg
  236. seeking a balance in price
  237. LG downloads temporarily unavailable (ETA Jan 9)
  238. Bad code
  239. I would like to become reseller for LG unlock I own a website for unlocking services
  240. sh-12c sharp ntt docomo unlock error..pls help
  241. Credits transfer & activation transfer .. WHO CAN HELP ME ??????
  242. LG Ms659 Metro PCS wrong code
  243. lgtool supplier panel
  244. lg tool always request failed
  245. heelp
  246. Unlock Code For HTC
  247. error: The last request has failed
  248. download problem from lgtool support
  249. cant check my credits
  250. htc unsupported imei