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03-09-2013, 03:50 PM
Supported models:
In our first balckberry release we made support for these phones:
9620, 9810, 9850, 9860, 9900, 9930, 9981.
All other models currently not supported. WE are working for adding more phone, kindly wait for further announcements.

Function description:
Unlock button: Allows you to make direct unlocking without code reading and code imput, irrespective of the MEP type in phone. Also this button reset the MEP code entry attempts (0 left).
Read code button: Allows you to read codes from your phone.
Repair imei button: It`s purpose to change or restore original IMEI of your phone
Remove operator logo button: Use it for full phone debranding - remove operator logo, reset vendor ID to to default one (-1) and return your cellphone to original factory settings.

Price 20 credits per phone for any number of operations (mep0 fix, unlock, IMEI repair, debranding). In order to use this feature your card must be registered and activated.

To work with blackberry phones you should use Standart USB cable and modified SD card with power supply (+ 3.0 V) identical to set which you use for HTC phones.

What is MicroSD cable set:

You need
1) standart USB cable
2) microSD card (8MB - 4GB, don't use SDHC) with two thin wires (pin4=+3V, pin6=GND)
3) External power supply (+3V or +3.7V, for example 2xAAA battery).
4) Any MicroSD USB card reader:

How to work with this set with BLACKBERRY phones:

Firstly you put card in external card reader WITHOUT EXTERNAL POWER and make phone image with LGtool and simple USB cable.
after this you INSERT modified card to phone, CONNECT EXTERNAL POWER, connect USB cable to phone without battery and follow on-screen instruction.

How to work with this set with HTC phones

here (http://support.lgtool.net/showthread.php?1651-microSD-cable)

We recommend you to use quality SD cards like Samsung, Kingston etc. not less than 2 Gb size.


here is example of program log when you repair IMEI on BB 9900

Connecting with 9900 Searching microSD disk...
MicroSD disk found:
Volume: F:\
Device: \\.\PhysicalDrive1
Size: 2001403904
Writing image to microSD disk...
Writing image to microSD disk: OK
Waiting for User's Actions...
Searching Phone...
Getting Phone Info...
Serial Number: 99183bc0
BlackBerry RTAS Server Authorization...
Connecting to server...
Sending data to server...
Receiving data from server...
Sending RTAS Certificate to phone...
RTAS Authorization: OK
Connection With Phone...
Searching Phone...
Phone Found...
Repairing IMEI
Repairing IMEI... Please Wait...
Repairing IMEI: OK
IMEI: 351530-xx-xxxxxx-2
IMEI successfully repaired


Possible problems:

If SW hangs on phone connection and driver installed by sistem is Zeus flash device.
You should uninstall it and an install qualcomm qhsusb_dload driver (http://www.lgtool.net/pub/3G_QUALCOMM_1.1.00_W7x86W7x64_A.zip). Thx to celumaster & tokesszabi for report.
If you will see error when writing image to SD card

Size: 1028096
Writing image to microSD disk...
Can't read sector: 0 from PhysicalDrive
Can't write to Physical SD Disk! Please close all other applications and try again.

just inserting the SDcard and hitting Ok at the same time, for some reason if insert the SDcard and let it inside for some seconds LGTool sometimes not able able to write correctly to the SDcard.
Thx to enelyam for report.
If your phone detected as BLACKBERRY instead of QCOM USB.


This is problem with microSD cable.First reason can be less power than needed, try to use power supply. Second, the MicroSD socket on 99xx less convenient than 98xx and htc. Try to use thin wires or flat cable. In the case of thin wires you should make the same solder height on all microSD's pins. Also clean your memory card soldering. And sure use correct driver below.
If SW asking for for QHSUB_DLOAD driver and you unable to install it.
You should install attached driver.

03-11-2013, 11:41 AM
Does anyone know any sales of a pre-made "microSD cable"? Willing to pay for a couple

MiscroSD cable not exists, forget about it It is only name of a SEPARATE SET
You already have everything no need to buy.
people called it Micro SD cable but it is = simple USB standart cable + standart MicroSd card with 2 soldered wires + 2 AA battery.

03-11-2013, 11:41 AM
i repeat once again you only need this


MicroSD card with 2 soldered wires to get external power from 2 AA battery.
make it or ask your freind with soldering tool attach 2 wire to card and make unlocking using standart cable from phone box.

You make unlocking NOT by micro SD cable but by standart cable and this micro SD card.

03-13-2013, 07:48 AM
2 more modified sd photo from friendly forum. thx goes to 69eyes