View Full Version : How to activate LG tool.

06-09-2011, 07:25 PM
To activate LGTool module, you need an activated Setool card, valid setool2 account (you do not need any credits, but valid setool2 account required), normal internet connection ( NOT proxy ), open TCP ports 443,1934

Below is the steps:

1) Check if your card is activated (http://support.setool.net/showthread.php?3-UPDATES-AND-NEWS&p=6988&viewfull=1#post6988).
2) Update your setool card. (http://support.setool.net/showthread.php?27629-Setool2-Card-Update-Information-and-TroubleShooting) PLS NOTE SETOOL CARDS WITH S/N 177500 (TOP cards ) AND ABOVE DONT NEED TO BE UPDATED. THESE CARDS WAS ALREADY UPDATED BEFORE SENT TO DEALER.
3) Put attached updater in setool2 directory ( it will auto read settings from setool2.ini )
or extract it to any desired directory and fill username, password, server manually.
note: Updater will not be started without egate driver installed.

server address is:

on "operations" tab select with mouse click reader with setool2 card.
( remove all smartcards from pc except setool2 one in order to avoid misunderstanding )

you will get "Ready to work" text.
Then press "Activate LGTool" button

if your card eligible for activation, you will get next text:

setool2 SmartCard updater [0.92]

server read: "srv01.dontexist.com"
username read: "update_test"

Please click on reader with setool2 SmartCard.
Ready to work
Checking with server..
LG application activated