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    Using remote services (calculate unlock codes by IMEI)
    This FAQ last updated: August 1, 2012.

    Since v.1.27 LGtool supports remote services.

    How to register?
    Read this manual.

    How many free credits I can use?
    During promo period you can use up to 10 free credits per day. E.g. you can unlock up to 5 LG phones, or 1 SE and 2 LG, or 1 HTC and 1 LG and 2 Alcatel...

    LG - 3 credits
    HTC - 6 credits
    MOTOROLA - 1 credit
    ALCATEL - unlimited
    SE - 6 credits
    HUAWEI - unlimited
    ZTE - unlimited
    BLACKBERRY - unlimited
    DORO - unlimited
    MICROMAX - unlimited
    SHARP - 6 credits
    PANTECH - unlimited
    AVVIO - unlimited

    How to use credits?
    1. To send request you should have enough credits available on your account.
    2. If LGtool can't calculate codes, no credits loss
    3. If codes calculated successfully then credits was debited from your account, imediately after you send request.
    4. Each Motorola, Huawei, Alcatel, Doro, Micromax, ZTE, Pantech, Avvio and BlackBerry unlock code costs 1 (one) free credit.
    5. Each SE, SHARP and HTC unlock code costs 6 (six) free credits.
    6. Each LG unlock code costs 3 (three) free credits.

    How free credits added and consumed (since July 2, 2012 / v. 1.68)?
    Balance set to 10 at 0-00 GMT.

    How to check my balance?
    Go to support area and click to "My credits" link.

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