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Thread: problem to open LGE tool

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    problem to open LGE tool

    please sir ineed your help after lateset update i activated my seetool and cost me 20 credit but after update i can't use LGE tool when i opened it give me error (smart card is not found. This canccur ig you havent installed smartcard drivers you can findthem at before this update i never have this problem i use original Seetool box and my serial is(00099284) please help me to solve this problem

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    Did you check device manager already, maybe is a drivers issue
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    thank you for reply

    thank you for reply but i have not any problem in device manager all is ok

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    hello sir

    hello sir i updated my box and not have any problem with seetool and i can use it after update smart card but i only have a problem with LGETOOL and SGTOOL please if you have any idea to solve my problem?

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