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Thread: LGtool/SGtool remote services activation required from 12.00 AM September 11 2012

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    Arrow LGtool/SGtool remote services activation required from 12.00 AM September 11 2012

    Dear LGtool users.

    It has been more than a year since we have released the first version of our software – and altogether it took us more than 2 years of development. Over the last year we have given all our customers an opportunity to test our software’s functions, reliability and ease of use.

    LGtool currently supports more than 4500 phone models, we have realsed more than 70 MAJOR software updates till last year and provided a unique option of free use of such remote services as:

    • Unlock by IMEI/MEID of HTC, LG, Motorola ZTE, Huawei, Pantech, Alcatel
    • Remote unlock by cable of Samsung, Sharp HTC, LG

    NOTE: Probably you can`t imagine but with those remote services more than 2 miilion of phones was unlocked till last year! it is really great quantity!

    We exclusively support more than 100 phone models in the standalone version of our software and this number will be increased in the nearest future.

    We have been following your reactions and comments closely to keep unlocking market stable and alive and would like to announce that starting from 12.00 AM 11th September ALL REMOTE SERVICES as well, as access to support will only be available for users who have purchased LGtool activation.

    There is no any time limit for activation, the only action you have to perform is to let your reseller know is your card number. Please note that cards have to be registered in order to be activated.

    Meanwhile standalone versions of the software will be available for customers who didn’t purchase activation but in the nearest future all versions greater than 2.0 will require it.

    Recommended price.

    1 activation - 100 usd
    10 activation - 750 usd

    we are sure that this price is more than reasonable for the unique product we have created.

    We ask you to please be careful and purchase LGtool activation only from dealers listed as autorised at our website and support forum. We do not hold any responsibility for activations bought through dealers who are not on the list.

    We hope that you will treat the news with understanding.

    Thank you

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    Сurrenlly remote Samsung unlocking by cable (SGtool) and HTC remote unlock by cable (as a part of LGtool) available for customers who didn’t purchase activation, but starting from tomorrow (14 september) this features will also require it.

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    LGtool second generation now released - FREE update to LGTOOL 2 was started!
    If you purchase activation (license) for v. 1.x since September, 11 then you can use LGtool 2.x. Simple download lgtool 2, run it and get license key automatically for free!
    If not, please use LGtool 1.99 and do not install 2.0 or higher while you don't have license.
    Important notice: before purchase license (also known as activation) please be sure your smartcard is registered (manual). Use LGtool 1.99 or earler to run sw and access support area (download 1.99).

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