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Thread: Supported exclusive models and credits consumption.

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    it can be unlock htc desire 500? I need help for unlock it , can you help me, please ?

    UNKNOWN IMEI for HTC. Check IMEI or contact support please.
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    why is it even the cheap lg phones are now on exclusive zone?

    i have unlocked some lg that is free on daily 10 credits and it was okay but now it is moved on the paid section??

    c'mon, that is hurting the business, i gladly paid the activation because i thought i can unlock 10 lg phones for free everyday but now it is all paid even low end phones?

    so everything is going to be paid is that it? then you should remove the free section because it is useless. almost every lg imei I put, whether it is a cheap old lg phone, cheap old htc phone, it was not calculated on 10 free credits like before and it was moved on paid unlock now.

    so maybe to remove the confusion and making lgtool team look like cheating, remove the free calculation section and make all calculations paid as it is as we look at it.

    sorry but this is how i feel and most of those who didn't get much money on activating lgtool.

    I still like lgtool and sgtool but times like this that gsm business is going down the drain, everyone is looking for ways to make some money without spending too much.

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    htc nck code wrong claro peru incorrect code

    imei:353426059982348 unlock=64978247

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