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Thread: Supported exclusive models and credits consumption.

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    Supported exclusive models and credits consumption.

    This is a list of the currently supported exclusive HTC for LGTool paid services. We'll add there new models as soon as its launched.

    HTC One SU
    HTC One ST
    HTC One SC 
    HTC One X
    HTC One X+ 
    HTC One XC
    HTC Desire V
    HTC Desire X 
    HTC Desire VC 
    HTC Sensation 4G
    HTC Velocity 4G
    HTC Titan II
    HTC Radar
    HTC Raider 4G
    HTC WP8X
    HTC WP8S
    Below you can find table with prices for IMEI requests using the new additional credits.

    If you would like to do HTC IMEI unlocking with cheapest prices you can take reseller account

    1000 credits for 350 usd.

    In this case your price will be 1.75 USD for exclusive HTC and just 70 cents for all other HTC.
    Need support? Click here or email us at [email protected].

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    Please let me know from where I can take reseller account. Is there any way to pay online and get the reseller account.


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    NOTE. Credits for unsuitable code will not be refunded ...

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    I want to buy exclusive blackberry 1000 credits for USD 350, where I can get that price? Please help and thank you for your attention and help

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    you can buy it from any distributor listed at the link below.

    WorldWide, Europe, Romania
     GSM: +8613077861111
     ICQ: 66-11-11
     YM: manole4000
     MSN: [email protected]
     SONORK: 100.88888
     Web Page:
    World Wide, China, Pakistan
     Email: [email protected]
     YM: [email protected]
     MSN: [email protected]
     Sonork: 100.1576815
     Phone: +86 13926070786 (China)
     Phone: +92 300 6260391 (Pakistan)
    WorldWide, Hong Kong
    Tel: +85239733882
     Fax: +85235868535
     Email: [email protected]
     MSN: [email protected], [email protected]
     Sonork: 100.106806, 100.1587356
     ICQ: 220705240, 433507697
     Yahoo: bahira8, george_gsmserver
    WorldWide, China
     Tel : +86-13710595238
     ICQ: 246281952
     QQ: 258149669
     Sonork: 100.75975
     Sonork: 100.1577128
     MSN: [email protected]
     MSN: [email protected]
     EM5 - Year 
    Mobile Number: 0086-13711298296
     Email: [email protected]
     Sonork: 100.72135
     QQ: 104985058,779301377
     Country: China ,Guangzhou city
    WorldWide, Malaysia 
    IPmart Network 
    cell phone: +6019888 6668 
    sonork: 100.41718
     mail: [email protected]
     web :
    Need support? Click here or email us at [email protected].

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    HTC ONE VX from AT&T

    just Unlock HTC One VX

    prove attached it got Paid section to unlock Click image for larger version. 

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    All provider supported for HTC? I had problems with hungarian providers, i got wrong codes but never tried your service.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gszabi View Post
    All provider supported for HTC? I had problems with hungarian providers, i got wrong codes but never tried your service.
    Hungarian? Yes, of course. Please read all notes carefully:

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    Hey i see that on older version of this app ppl were able to unlock at%t/tmobile motorola phones. I wish you could add them in the future. Or care to explain why they were removed on the first place? thanks!

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    HTC IMEI:35786405xxxxxxx Service temporarily unavailable. Please try later.

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