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Thread: htc one x wrong code

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    htc one x wrong code

    hi supporters...

    just obtained a code for htc paid service for htc one-x from orange uk. it has given me a wrong code.
    i am sorry for not posting my serial number coz not sure if its allowed. please reply for instructions on further support.

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    orange UK should be supported.
    we never had any reponse from customers about relocked phones from this carrier.
    currrent list is
    thx for information we will double check it from UK customers but in any case we do not give any refund.
    these service given AS IS.
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    I have the same problem: i recived a code for a htc one x blocked on orange romania and it dose not work. what can be done? tnx.

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    all Romania networks listed as unsupported here. We double checked it in this thread As written

    Credits for unsuitable code will not be refunded.If you want to unlock the phone from the list do so at your own risk.
    Need support? Click here or email us at [email protected].

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