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    Lightbulb Infineon FAQ

    Before asking questions, please read carefully this FAQ. If you want to help support and translate FAQ to your language, pls send me PM, I will attach your version in end of this post.

    I. Common questions

    Q. Which drivers I will need for Infineon?
    A. For usb connection you will need recent A-Gold and S-Gold drivers. It's recommended to install both of them. You can find drivers in the Downloads section. For UART you don't need any drivers installed.

    Q. I am trying to flash firmware, but got error "flash type mysmatch"
    A. Press "flash firmware" instead of pressing "flash full"

    II. Security

    Q. I'm see only yellow screen, but phone is working. Is it hardware problem?
    A. No, it's not a hardware problem, it's new LG security, found on most of Infineon LG cellphones.

    Q. What can cause "yellow screen"?
    A. Incorrect (by other tools) or incomplete unlock/repair IMEI. Rarely - flashing firmware from other region or upgrading/downgrading firmware.

    Q. How to fix it?
    A. Just press "fix security"

    Q. I've fixed security, but it's fails!
    A. There some bugs in Infineon loader and we can't do anything with this. If it's fails, follow instruction and try again. If it's not working - reflash phone.

    Q. I've successfully fixed security and/or re-flashed phone, but still have problem with yellow screen.
    A. There 2 options
    1. Your firmware version can't work with this version of security data in NVM. In this case you will need to try other versions and/or regions of firmware
    2. Your NVM was damaged by other software. It cannot be fixed, you need to ask somebody. Read "share NVM" thread.

    Q. After flashing NVM, I've got "yellow screen"
    A. Press "Fix security"

    III. A-Gold specific

    Q. My phone is locked, but LG Tool saying it's not and showing me IMEI: 350305-26-000000-1-65
    A. Your structure version is different with one, that LGTool is thinking for this phone - it's highly depends on firmware region and firmware version. Try to select newer or older model, like - c300/c305 and connect.

    IV. S-Gold specific

    Q. I need to flash firmware. How I can save my user data?
    A. Before flashing press "Dump FS", after - "Flash FS"

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