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Thread: Please block this card lgtool

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    Please block this card lgtool

    Hello mr The_laser.
    My name is Espeacke, years ago my website has served as official setool support in Spanish.

    I want to ask you.. I have sold LGTOOL credits through the DHRU automation system.
    Recently a customer paid with a stolen card, without authorization and I want to know if possible to block the card.

    The truth is that I do not care much about the money, I just would like it to be blocked to avoid this type of fraud with carding on our LGTOOL / SETOOL product.

    I leave screenshots of the fraud:

    Orders details
    Service : 100 creditos LGTool
    Credit : 36
    S/N Setool/LGtool : 00160727


    Sorry for my English.
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